Broker’s Bank

From our own experience over the last few years, we know how difficult it is to navigate the banking labyrinth when it comes to consolidating as a customer or when obtaining specialized financing. It is also typical to find in Latin America the lack of records and financial records.

We have the best team of financial experts, we will carry out exhaustive analyzes of the current banking dispositions, to guarantee that our proposals are approved and financing is granted.

Help customers reduce their costs in that area, ensuring they get the right products and services at reasonable market prices.

We have created Dómine Broker’s Bank for Latin America and the Caribbean with the ambition to offer our services throughout this part of the Hemisphere of America.

Dómine Broker’s Bank is managed by partners with a long-term perspective in the delivery of our mission.

We currently have 40 highly qualified employees with extensive experience in the banking sector and other financial institutions, all highly motivated to serve clients in their own customized solutions.

Our headquarters are located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, although our team of analysts is located in the best financing locations in the world, supporting the search of markets with cost reduction for our clients.

That our clients are our best promotion and our best marketing of samples for others, recommending for effectiveness and satisfaction, to their friends or partners, thus creating an added value of integrity and specific treatment.

Our turnover in intervention for 2015 was 45 million dollars and continues to grow.


Our cost reduction service includes a thorough analysis of the current bank configuration and configuration of our clients, and the subsequent renegotiation process.

The analysis gives you a comprehensive view of your current bank agreements, prices / fees / margins compared to our customer database of more than 1,500 companies, and structural / behavioral changes aimed at optimizing your bank configuration.


Our cost reduction service minimizes the time consumption of our clients, since we do most of the work. However, there are some necessary and important steps that require commitment to the client.


Advice on the rental of commercial areas in High Street and shopping centers, as well as offices in urban centers and business parks.

Analysis of the different options for each demand with respect to area / area / income.  Advice on re-negotiation processes, relocations, and transfers.

 Exclusive advice in the purchase and sale of real estate, empty or profitable areas, prime areas, city center, major expansion areas, parks of medians and shopping centers, in the main cities of Spain, especially in Madrid and Valencia, and abroad, like Santo Domingo and the Caribbean Zone.

Advice on the purchase, implementation and sale of industrial and logistics land.  Feasibility analysis of development of industrial promotion projects.  Commercialization of industrial buildings and mixed technological buildings, for sale and rent.

Is a pioneer in the creation of a specific area of ​​advice on real estate and financial assets (debt) owned by the Asset Management Company from Banking Restructuring.

Frequently asked questions / FAQ

Below are the most frequently asked questions, based on a sample of meetings with more than 1,300 companies:

1. Do I have to change providers or banks to secure funds?

not at all. More than 90% of our customers stay with their current suppliers only in better conditions and with a more transparent relationship.

2. How much does a comparative evaluation and the renegotiation of service cost?

we work on a non-fixed basis. we budget, approve and start.

3. How much time is needed to extract the data that my team is very busy?

Generally, it takes from one to three days for one of our analysts to extract data electronically. Our analysts only require minimal participation from your team, usually no more than one hour per day.

4. How to protect our privacy and comply with data protection?

We operate under a strict agreement of mutual confidentiality that both indicate to give total peace of mind. We never disclose information about your project to any source.

5. Are you able to review one or two particular areas in the isolation where I have concerns about prices and in which the provider is separated from my main banking relationship (for example, the acquisition card or FX)?

In our experience, the best results are obtained for our clients when we review the bank’s total package. However, some products are independent of the main bank relationship, such as credit card borrower, FX, guarantees and these can be reviewed and renegotiated independently.

6. Why do not I simply ask my current suppliers to reduce their costs?

If you ask your suppliers to reduce their costs it is possible to achieve a symbolic gesture. However, you can not know if the prices you get are the right ones. Through our unique price comparison data we ensure that our customers have a fair market price to avoid any uncertainty for our customers.

7. Which companies tend to make the greatest savings? Typically where the customer has one or more of the following characteristics:

  • excess liquidity
  • International Trade
  • the financing needs
  • a lot of employees
  • the recent acquisitions made
  • large volumes or transaction values

8. Who else has your Group team worked with and can I talk to a previous client in my industry who has recently been through this process?

We have worked with more than 1,300 large companies for medium-sized companies across Europe, including the likes of BT, Sharp, TUI, Swinton, Clas Ohlson and Asegurar & Go. We have worked with companies from all sectors and so that we can connect with a recent relevant client that would be willing to recommend.

9. Why can not I wait and review this at my next annual meeting with the bank?

The opportunity cost of not revising the price can now be significant. For a few hours work for one of your finance team, you may be able to significantly improve your bottom line immediately. The return on investment is usually very attractive to our customers.

10. In summary, please give me 3 compelling reasons why I should devote time to this given my other priorities?

Better case, it will significantly reduce the costs of your company for a few hours of effort. The worst scenario, which will provide you with a comprehensive, independent report. Validate that you are already receiving fair treatment, which is excellent due diligence for Board reports and peace of mind Either way you will have clarity and transparency about your current prices facing the entire market, which our previous customers have found extremely useful.