For this part of the world, we assume from our other offices, the commitment to build trust in society based on security. All the employees that integrate Dómine understand that each one of the activities we carry out marks business, but also to people, that is why we are interested in generating solutions that add value to companies, industries and Dominican society. and international, understanding that our actions influence to improve the environment and the day to day of those who live in this country and in this world. Our work is based on our values. Therefore, we act with integrity and objectivity; We take care of our people and our customers, we work together and we invent the world for you every day.

Address: Calle Martinez Ferrando N.5, Pta 4 46004.- Valencia.

Phone: +34 960095702 –  +34 699837003 (Pablo J. Sanchez – Reolid Marin)


Address: Calle Pintor Antonio Amorós, 4, planta 14, Alicante

Phone: +34 692312882 (Fátima Sanchez-Reolid Marin)