​The commitment to internationalization requires Spanish companies to have sufficient human, technical and financial resources to face the process. The knowledge and compliance with the procedures and procedures necessary for export is linked to the particularities of the target countries, making the process a complicated and expensive task.

​Having good information about the markets to which a company intends to go is vital for the internationalization processes to be successful. We often see how the certainty about the prosperity of a sector in a given country is not enough to guarantee benefits for our company. Each case must be thoroughly studied by experienced personnel and internationalization professionals. As important as the geographical areas are the sectors of activity of the company that can be developed in international markets.

Always ready to provide the best point of support services to address all the various issues that arise in their day to day. 

​Prior to the start of exports, it is convenient to define a geographical area to develop, the preliminary study of the market will be the tool that will determine the suitability of the country and the appropriate strategies to undertake the expansion successfully. Knowing the entry barriers, both tariff and non-tariff, is fundamental.

DÓMINE will perform all the necessary tasks for its commercial success in the country, and everything developed by our team.

Sectoral commercial mission. DÓMINE in the exercise of its work programs and organizes trade missions in countries of interest to its customers. A representative of our company travels to the country to perform commercial work on his behalf. This formula for promoting your products is the most economical and allows you to make a larger amount of trips by offering an economically advantageous option. Meetings will be closed with local companies of interest to the companies participating in the mission, which we will attend on your behalf, promoting your company and brand.    – The cost is variable. Travel expenses are prorated among all companies participating in the mission. The accrual will cover the travel expenses of DÓMINE, stay and representation in the country.

  • Analysis of the profile of the company and its products / services. Advisory.  SWOT analysis, identification of client weaknesses and improvement proposals to face the internationalization process successfully. Study of the company’s export potential.
  • Definition of geographic area. Development of countries. Market study.  Socioeconomic report, situation of competition and prices, tariff and non-tariff barriers, entry strategies, marketing policies … valid information that will allow the company to assess the markets to which it intends to go and make consequent decisions.
  • Preparation of Contacts Directory.  Search, identification and previous contact of potential clients. DÓMINE will provide a list of suitable local companies for the signing of an eventual agreement. The contacts provided will be previously contrasted by the DÓMINE team to guarantee their suitability.
  • Marketing and representation at destination.  Individual business agenda. DÓMINE will elaborate a personalized agenda adapted to the needs of the client. Meetings will be closed with local companies whose profile is optimal for the achievement of positive commercial results. A tentative agenda will be delivered to the client for approval. The number of meetings that are finally achieved  It will vary depending on the sectors, countries and / or availability of the representative of the company that travel, however, we guarantee a minimum of five (5).


Identification of procedures and specific requirements by sector of activity required for export as well as realization thereof. DÓMINE will carry out an initial study to identify each and every one of the documents, registrations, authorizations and certifications that are required for export depending on the activity sector of the client company and the requirements required in the country of destination. As a result, a list of procedures to be performed will be obtained that will be presented to the client to give his approval. Representing him, DÓMINE will carry out the processing of them.

  • Identification of each and every one of the documents, certifications and specific records by sector of activity that are required for export, in addition to those required by the different importing countries. Presentation of the list to the client. – € 350 / 1st country, € 200 / 2nd country and € 150  / third and successive.

  • Processing of the same by DÓMINE for the client. – € 300 / country and shipping.


  • Study of tariffs. Identification of tariff heading. – € 10 / tariff item.
  • Definition of necessary documentation for import / export. – € 20  / tariff heading.
  • Management of documentary procedures. – € 20 / document.
  • Feasibility study of tariff suppression. – € 300 / study.
  • Customs clearance. – low budget.
  • Logistic operations. – low budget.

Through this option, the DÓMINE team integrates into your business organization acting as support for an existing Department or as the sole international promoter. This route offers the client company the opportunity to have a specialized team to implement the expansion without incurring the high costs that the hiring would imply.    DÓMINE will carry out all the procedures described above: business analysis, market research, preparation of directory and contact, preparation of missions, representation, marketing, customer monitoring, document management … and all those tasks necessary to achieve the international objectives of the client that are defined as the result of a collaboration contract.