The Firm

We have international presence in Latin America, Europe and Asia.

Our organisation is founded by the union of european and latin american professionals and its services, creating a fusion of international knowledge, consulting experience, advanced preparation, security, integration capacity and services.
Since 1989, we are at the forefront of European’s consulting and now in latin America since 2010.
As a modern and dynamic company, reference in its sector, we offer integral solutions for your company in legal, fiscal, labour and accountants area.
We also support with knowledge on international mercantile giving optimal solutions facing new situations generated by the environment.


Be your Integral Consultant in the Legal, Tax, Commercial, Labor and Accounting fields. We bring you innovative solutions with high added value and a highly qualified professional team.


Evolve and adapt to the needs of the market at the pace set by the Laws, Obligations and needs of our customers.


Professionalism, honesty, humility, dynamism, innovation, originality, quality and services are concepts that are part of our reason for being. We were born with them, thanks to them we evolved and improved every day.